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Five Year BA - MDiv Program

Five Year B.A.- M.Div Program

You feel a call to the ministry, and you believe that your spiritual and professional goals should involve a Master’s degree. Instead of taking a separate journey for your Bachelor’s degree and graduate work, you can begin at Trinity, where we offer a five-year path to a Master of Divinity through our partnership with Northern Seminary.

Through this program, you will earn a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity and an M.Div. from Northern in just five years, instead of the usual seven. That means you will be able to enter your mission field two years sooner and pay two years’ less tuition.

This program also allows you to take integrated undergraduate- and graduate-level theological studies, in a program that is tailored to maximize academic learning. And you will benefit from learning from professors from multiple Christian traditions, who will provide broad biblical and theological exposure.