English Learning Outcomes

Remembering and Understanding

Students will identify major works and concerns of British and American literature as they impact our postcolonial world and will become attentive to diverse voices within and beyond these literatures.

Critical Thinking and Doing

Students will work individually and collaboratively to interpret elements, contexts, and perspectives of literary texts with intelligence and care.

Students will judiciously use literary theory and criticism to unfold a text’s meaning.

Students will communicate effectively for different purposes and to different audiences.

Engaging and Connecting

Students will work individually and collaboratively to research, compose, revise, and present their work.

Students will connect reading and writing to a life of responsible Christian citizenship.


Students will cultivate the use of language as a uniquely human facility with great potential for good as well as for harm, and one that God calls his people to use for his glory.


Throughout the year assessment data is gathered through student and alumni surveys, field experience evaluations, the Illinois Certification Content Exam, and the ETS major field test to determine how well the program is meeting its student learning outcomes. For additional information please contact department chairperson Dr. Karen Dieleman at Karen.Dieleman@trnty.edu