Logic plus imagination


Making a difference in the world with math

Mathematics is a powerful tool for solving practical problems, as well as a highly creative field of study, combining logic and precision with intuition and imagination. The math program offers the background, skills, and analytical thinking necessary to succeed professionally—and the Christian perspective of classes cultivates good work habits and an appreciation for beauty and well-orderedness of creation.


biochemistry and molecular biology black and white

Bioinformatics (B.S.)

You love science, computer science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering—then a B.S. in Bioinformatics is for you.

Mathematics Major black and white


A B.A. from Trinity prepares you for careers that call upon logic and precision with intuition and imagination.

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Mathematics Education

If you are fascinated by numbers, and want to share your interests and skills with students, a B.A. in mathematics education from Trinity may be for you.



Mathematics Education Minor

With a minor from Trinity, you will be prepared to enter the classroom believing that all children can learn; and understanding students of diverse populations and abilities.

mathematics minor black and white

Mathematics Minor

The world needs people who can combine logic and precision with intuition and imagination. At Trinity, a minor in mathematics will help you cultivate those skills and gifts.

Department Chair

Sharon Robbert

Professor of Mathematics; Department Chair
Phone: 708.239.4771    Email: sharon.robbert@trnty.edu

While studying mathematics in college, Dr. Sharon Robbert found that the content came easily. “I found that explaining mathematical concepts helped me understand the subject even better—and I enjoyed really understanding the concepts.”