Mathematics Learning Outcomes

Mathematics Major
Appropriate for those students who plan to pursue graduate work in mathematics or who plan to enter the workforce following graduation from Trinity.

  1. The student will demonstrate analytical thinking processes.
  2. The student will articulate a Christian perspective of mathematics.
  3. The student will be able to understand and apply mathematics from mathematical literature.
  4. The student will be proficient in using current technological tools for mathematics.
  5. The students will apply mathematics and analytic thinking to problem-solving and in professional experiences.
  6. The student will be able to communicate an understanding of mathematical concepts, in both oral and written contexts.

Mathematics Major (Education Program)
Appropriate for those students who plan to enter careers in teaching at the elementary or secondary level following graduation from Trinity.

Outcomes 1-6 above, plus the following two learning outcomes:

  1. The student will develop confidence and competence in teaching mathematics to students at the secondary level.
  2. The student will demonstrate mastery of mathematical concepts taught in secondary school.