Pursue a degree
in mathematics


Connect to Greater with a B.A. in Mathematics

The global community needs people who can combine logic and precision with intuition and imagination. At Trinity, we prepare mathematics majors for careers that call upon all those skills and gifts.

Trinity’s proximity to metropolitan Chicago offers mathematics majors unique education and employment advantages. The diversity of industry, business, and institutions near Trinity allow for a broad range of internship opportunities.

Trinity’s math department is an active participant in the mathematics division of the Association of Colleges in the Chicago Area (ACCA). Activities include area-wide competitions, joint seminars, and an annual symposium of student research presentations.

A B.A. from Trinity prepares you for graduate work in numerous fields, including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, actuarial sciences, and computer science. Some of our graduates pursue careers immediately after graduating in fields such as data management and data mining, software development, videography, business management, and finance. A math major, together with other courses, can equip you for graduate work in medicine, bio-statistics, business administration, engineering, finance, law, economics, and other analytical fields.