Campus Ecological Stewardship Advisory Group (CESAG)

The Campus Ecological Stewardship Advisory Group (CESAG), formed in 2007, is composed of students, faculty, and staff, seeking to improve Trinity’s campus ecological stewardship.

God calls all of us to care for his creation. By working with CESAG, guided by the principles of restoration, sustainability, and education, students can learn about ecological stewardship, equip themselves and others to more fully appreciate and care for God’s creation, and champion a cause with strong support from faculty, staff, and fellow students.


The Vision

A Reformed world view mandates that humans be good stewards of God’s creation. Trinity seeks to teach this world view and to practice good stewardship, working to care for and redeem the earth. Accordingly, our vision for the campus is to create a sustainable environment and to adopt practices that reflect our desire to be good stewards of creation. Stewardship of creation is a broad task, not limited to the care of plants and animals. It extends to how we design and build buildings, use energy, and manage waste, and includes other aspects of our impact on God’s world. Ultimately, stewardship is not just management, but is a spiritual practice in our striving for shalom.

Some of the efforts of CESAG on campus include:

  • Working on the restoration and preservation of Trinity Trail
  • Planting and caring for native species in campus detention basins
  • Sponsoring electronics recycling drives

“I believe that Trinity’s campus can be a testament to good environmental and ecological stewardship, both for those of us who are members of the Trinity community and for those who visit our campus.”

— Dr. Thomas Roose CESAG Chair