Enjoy solving problems and
creating solutions?

Engineering 2+2

Launch your Engineering Studies from a Christian Perspective

With a foundation at Trinity, you will be able to solve problems and create solutions that make the Creator’s world a better place. Through Trinity’s 2+2 Engineering program, you complete your first two years of study here, building on a Reformed Christian liberal arts foundation. You can then transfer to another school and complete a mechanical, civil, materials science, chemical, aerospace, energy, or environmental engineering degree in two, or depending on the school, two and a half years.

Trinity has transfer guides and agreements with the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Geneva College for their mechanical engineering programs. Civil, material science, chemical, aerospace, and environmental engineering transfers are also possible. Our dedicated professors will work closely with you to ensure you have all the necessary prerequisites to transfer to the institution of your choice.


Pre-engineering coursework can help prepare you for any number of exciting and rewarding careers in a variety of fields. Some engineering graduates choose to work in general engineering, electrical engineering, or chemical engineering. Others choose roles in mechanical or industrial engineering, civil and environmental engineering, bioengineering, agricultural and biological engineering, and more. An engineering degree can also launch a career in computer engineering or computer science, just to name some of the many options.

Trinity’s campus is located just minutes from downtown Chicago. This location is ideal for pre-engineering students who want to complete their foundational engineering coursework on a smaller, Christian-centered campus while taking advantage of all the social, cultural, and professional benefits that Chicago offers.

To learn more about the Engineering 2+2 program and to explore Trinity for yourself, contact us today to schedule a campus visit. When you’re ready to take the next step, apply online for admission!