Off-campus programs require two applications with two separate deadline dates. The pre-application, which is due by December 1 of the year prior to your off-campus experience, is to assure that you will be approved to receive the financial aid that applies to that specific program.

Once your pre-application is approved (typically within one month of the December 1 deadline), students are given clearance to apply to the relevant program. Deadlines for this “second” program application vary by program.


This application will indicate your interest in a program, let us know courses you plan to take, and will allow for financial aid approval where applicable. Advisor and financial aid office signatures are required.


By December 1 of the year prior to your attendance in the program, you must file a pre-application form with the office of Off-Campus Programs. For example, if you intend to attend an off-campus program in fall 2018 or spring 2019, you must file a pre-application by December 1, 2017.