Campus Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette

Policy on Use of Masks for Faculty and Staff

The health and safety of employees is our highest priority. All Trinity faculty and staff are now required to wear a mask or cloth face-covering that covers his or her mouth and nose at all times* while on campus.  Trinity employees should bring their own masks when they return to work at campus. A limited number of masks will also be available on campus, should an employee not have a mask.

*Please note the following exceptions:

  • Employees who work on their own in an enclosed space (e.g., their own office) are permitted to remove their mask if they are seated at least six feet from the doorway. However, they must wear their mask or face covering at all other times.
  • Employees who wish to eat or drink may remove their mask to do so, provided they are situated six feet away from others, perform the necessary hand hygiene and replace the mask when they are done.

Face masks are not required in outdoor settings where safe gathering practices and social distancing are possible.  For example, walks in open spaces.  However in outdoor settings where it is not possible to social distance or follow safe gathering practices, face masks do need to be worn on campus.

Please note:
This policy is an addition to our previous communications regarding preventing the spread of COVID-19. All college advice on remote work and social distancing remain in place. Please continue to practice social distancing even when wearing a mask.

Trinity Steps for Cleaning, Distancing and Hygiene

Physical Plant will provide daily cleaning of classrooms, breakrooms, bathrooms, and public spaces. Additionally, all employees will be required to exercise caution and continue physical distancing and personal hygiene practices in order to protect from the spread of the coronavirus as per the guidelines below. All employees will be asked to daily monitor their own health. (Resource:  #CampusClear app)