Covid Care Team

The COVID Care team is made up of both medical personnel and administrators across disciplines. The Care team reviews campus self-screening data daily and connects with every flagged student and employee. Students and employees are flagged if any of the following factors things occur: they indicate they have symptoms of the virus, they have been around someone who is being tested or has tested positive, or contact tracing shows that they have been exposed to someone who is being tested or who has tested positive. The COVID Care team manages students and employees as they may fall into different levels of separation, from stay put to quarantine to isolation. Once a user has been flagged, they complete an information form and are instructed to remain in their place of residence or to move back home to isolate themselves there. Students who live on campus who are put into one of these categories have food delivered from campus dining services. Isolated students who choose to remain on-campus are isolated in a room by themselves. Before a student or employee can return to campus life, they must be formally cleared by the Campus Health Coordinator.

Trinity has formed a COVID-19 Planning Group, encompassing staff from Student Life, Safety/Security, the Provost’s Office, Marketing/Communication, Admissions, Athletics, and Semester in Spain; and faculty from the Nursing and Biology Departments. This planning group meets regularly to review the evolving situation and current recommendations from government and public health agencies, including the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This group works across campus to uphold recommendations and regulations (such as cleaning, hygiene education, and other preventive action) in addition to the ongoing, regular planning for a variety of possible scenarios.

This planning group, working with members of Trinity leadership, maintains close contact with the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Cook County Health Department regarding preventive care and treatment recommendations as well.

The College also has a trained multi-disciplinary Emergency Response Team, and that team is ready to engage if needed in a wide range of emergencies, including a health crisis. Trinity is also well-connected to local partners in the Palos Heights community for emergency response.