Dr. Deb Windes’ Tenure Lecture

The Trinity community is invited to Professor of Business Dr. Deb Windes’ Tenure Lecture on Wednesday, April 24 at 3:30 p.m. in the Vermeer Fireside Room.

Tenure Lectures are a celebration of the mature Christian scholarship of faculty members who have been granted tenure by Trinity’s Board of Trustees. They are a joyful and meaningful experience for the entire community.

Dr. Windes will speak about “The Meaning of Business.”

Description: Unethical actions by firms on Wall Street and beyond dominate our news and serve to shape our perceptions of business and business leaders. Hollywood portrays business leaders as greedy, immoral, and inept. But can business be seen as part of God’s redemptive plan in the world? And is it possible to train our students to act with integrity amidst temptations to cut corners? This lecture will present a different way to view business and discuss the challenges of training our students (and ourselves) to act in ways that bring glory to God in our everyday work lives.