Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra presents The World Beyond: Where Music and Nature Meet

Science and art beautifully combine as the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra presents Aurora Triptych as a part of The World Beyond: Where Music and Nature Meet program conducted by Stilian Kirov and presented with KV 265, Trinity Christian College, The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Fund, and Homewood Science Center. This family-friendly multimedia concert begins at  7:30pm on February 9, 2019 at Ozinga Chapel at Trinity Christian College.

This spectacular multimedia production features music by renowned Canadian composer, John Estacio, with his works Solaris and Borealis and Wondrous Light and original photography of the Northern Lights photographed by Emmy nominated astronomer and visual artist, Dr. José Francisco Salgado. This performance will also feature The Mission Theme by John Williams and La Mer by Claude Debussy.

Guests will also have an opportunity to attend a free pre-concert lecture from 6:25pm until 6:50pm given by the dynamic astronomer, Dr. Salgado, to discuss and learn the science behind the Northern Lights. A series of science themed experiments related to the concert and organized by Trinity Christian College students will be on display in the lobby.

The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust is the generous sponsor of this program.

Concert single tickets start at $27 in advance. Student tickets are $10, and group tickets are available with a minimum of seven patrons. Ticketing fees may apply. Great new subscriber rates of up to 40% off are still available for a 3 concert package.

IPO will perform

WILLIAMS The Mission Theme
ESTACIO Borealis and Wondrous Light