Fusion 59 Grand Opening

Trinity welcomed the addition of Fusion 59, the new on-campus innovation  hub, on Oct. 1. Located in the Jennie Huizenga Memorial  Library, Fusion 59 is a place where the Trinity community can come  together to connect,  collaborate, and create–all for a better tomorrow.

Though designed to accelerate entrepreneurship on campus, Fusion 59 is  open to everyone in the Trinity community, according to Assistant   Professor of Business and Department Chair John Wightkin. “It is designed so that everyone can use their creativity in utilizing this space,” he said.  “Students can dream up their next venture here, or brainstorm and  collaborate on a project. Professors can meet with students at Fusion 59,  instead of their offices. Outside entrepreneurs will regularly show up at   Fusion 59 to share their wisdom and mentor Trinity students. The space is  whatever people can imagine it to be.” Fusion 59 itself was born from a  spirit of connection and collaboration.

Trinity is one of only seven university partners affiliated with 1871, the 140,000-square-foot hub for Chicago’s thriving technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem located in the famed Merchandise Mart building. Thanks to Trinity’s partnership at 1871, Trinity developed relationships with The Garage at Northwestern University and the international  architectural firm, Gensler. With the assistance of these world-class organizations, Trinity developed the design andprogramming for Fusion 59. In many ways, what will happen at Fusion 59 is an on-campus extension of the work that Trinity is doing throughout Chicago by way of its partnership with 1871.