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Trinity Christian College’s International and School of Record Partnerships

With roots in Palos Heights, Ill., Trinity has partnerships around the world.   These partnerships provide our students with unique opportunities in academics, service and experiential learning to enhance their vocation.

These partnerships include:

Trinity Christian College and ONPS
in China

Photograph by ONPS

In June 2019, Trinity Christian College began a School of Record (SOR) partnership with ONPS, an internal educational organization based in China.

Established in 2010, ONPS aspires to cultivate the importance of cross-cultural exchange as a vehicle for education. The international credit-course program provides students of different nationalities, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and faiths an opportunity to shape their values as world citizens. ONPS provides multicultural summer school programs at university campuses throughout mainland China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Trinity collaborates with ONPS to develop and approve syllabi for courses offered on ONPS campuses. In addition, Trinity examines the CVs of faculty who are teaching Trinity/ONPS approved courses, making sure that they meet the standards set at Trinity. Trinity/ONPS work to develop rigorous and substantial courses for students in the international summer programs. At the commencement of the ONPS summer sessions, Trinity transcripts and awards credit for courses.


  • Qingdao University, Quingdao
  • Minzu University of China, Beijing
  • University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu
  • China Jiliang University, Hangzhou

Trinity Christian College and Indonesian Partnerships

Photograph by Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara (SAAT)

Trinity Christian College has deep partnerships within Indonesia. Each of these partnerships offer diverse opportunities for both Trinity students and faculty, as well as those of our Indonesian partners.

Established in 1963, Unsoed is a large public university located in Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia. The university’s active student body is over 26,0000.

Trinity began a partnership with Unsoed in 2016. Trinity and Unsoed are committed to providing opportunities for students to engage in exchange programs. Trinity students have spent a 3-week summer session at Unsoed assisting with English Language courses and also participating in interreligious dialogue with Unsoed students and faculty.

For more information about Unsoed, visit their website.

Learn more about the Memorandum of Understanding between Trinity and Unsoed here.

The Southeast Asia Bible Seminary (SAAT) was founded in 1952. The Southeast Asia Bible Seminary is committed to providing theological education to help future pastors accomplish a wholistic balance in life, ministry, and academic learning.

Trinity’s partnerships with South East Asia Bible Seminary started in 2018. The focus of our partnership is student and faculty exchange. Dr. Yudha Thianto, Professor of Theology, regularly teaches a summer course on the SAAT campus and Dr. Mark Peters, Professor of (Music, recently spent a sabbatical semester teaching at SAAT.

Learn more about the Memorandum of Understanding between Trinity and South East Asia Bible Seminary here.

IPEKA Foundation was created in 1979 to serve in the education field and to develop the nation through preparing the younger generations with Christian education. IPEKA has a number of schools across several cities in Indonesia with more than 10.000 students from kindergarten to senior high school.

Trinity committed to a partnership with IPEKA in 2019. Trinity is working closely with IPEKA to bring students from their campuses to study at Trinity.  For more information, visit the IPEKA Foundation website.

Learn more about the Memorandum of Understanding between Trinity and IPEKA here.

Trinity Christian College and Sage Corps

Sage Internships

Trinity offers Sage Corp. fellows the opportunity to earn academic credit while completing a global internship.  Students interested in earning credit must first register with Trinity to enroll in the course

Earn up to 9 university credit hours while completing your professional internship abroad. We believe that experience is the new classroom, and our programs prove it. We’ve taken the traditional study abroad model and flipped it to ensure our fellows are a step ahead both academically and professionally.

Fellows who participate in our two-week Start! program or 8-week summer program may enroll in up to two courses to earn academic credit.*

Trinity offers our fellows the opportunity to earn academic credit while completing a global internship. The best news? We’re able to offer transferable** credit at a fraction of the cost of most university tuitions.

*Students interested in earning credit must first register with Trinity to enroll in the course.
**Students’ home universities must pre-approve transferable credit.

Trinity Christian College and Upkey

Students studying on computers

In 2020, Trinity developed a School of Record (SOR) partnership with Upkey, an educational organization dedicated to creating a more equitable future for students, as they enter the workforce. Trinity partners with Upkey in their Virtual Internship Program (VIP), assisting in the course connected to the internship, Business 201:  Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship for transferable credit.

Upkey provides high school seniors and college students with fun, interesting, and engaging learning tracks to help them cultivate a marketable professional image, show off their grit and tenacity, and emphasize their potential. Their model of learning is based on creating equity in educational and work spaces. Upkey’s vision is focused on a more diverse, inclusive world where opportunities are not just limited to the privileged and every young person gets a chance to shine.

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