Admitted Student Day - RSVP Today


At Trinity, OPUS is one of the biggest events of the year. It’s where everyone at the College spends an entire day together celebrating Christian scholarship and seeing all the work and achievements of students in different departments and concentrations. From the arts to the sciences to music to nursing, students showcase their best work during OPUS. It kicks off with a parade, includes snacks, and gives everyone an afternoon off from classes—so you can go to any session that interests you!

Trinity Trolls have been taking part in OPUS for decades. And while OPUS has evolved over the years, it remains true to its origins and allows everyone to see more and think bigger than any single major or minor. It breaks down academic and disciplinary boundaries. The whole campus comes together to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. It also allows current and future students to explore disciplines and interests they might not have considered before.

We hope you can join us on April 11, so you can see all the exciting, amazing things your future classmates are doing—and be inspired to explore your own passions while you’re here!

What is OPUS?

Hear from some of our students to learn what is OPUS.