Women’s Guild—Helping Students

Student enjoy cakeTo help brighten the day of students and give parents the opportunity to provide a special treat for their students no matter the distance, the Women’s Guild orders and delivers all occasion cakes and exam week care packages. There is also an option to order an exam pack for a student who might not receive one.

During the on-campus Valentine’s Day and Fall Sale, the Guild offers candy, flowers, and special treats. Profits from these orders go toward scholarships awarded to Trinity students.

“The Women’s Guild is very excited about all that is planned for the new school year,” said its new president, Kim Krygsheld, whose son Steve is a junior at Trinity. “We feel through our services of Exam Week Care Packages and Birthday Treats, we can bring a ‘taste of home’ to everyone on campus.  We are also very grateful to those who generously support our Love Letter and Scrapbook events so that we can continue to raise additional scholarship money for the students.”


Be a part of the Women’s Guild

This volunteer organization is made up of women dedicated to helping raise funds for scholarships, building improvements, new equipment, and furnishings. During monthly meetings, members discuss distribution of the money raised and become informed about Trinity events.

For more information, contact Brenda Evers at 708.239.4700 or 708.239.4860.


Scrapbooking Event

Two days are planned each January and September for a Scrapbooking Event Fundraiser. The next event will be held Friday and Saturday, September 17 and 18, in the Ozinga Chapel Grand Lobby. The cost is $5 for Friday, from 6 to 10 p.m., and $35 for Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Registration form: http://studentlife.trnty.edu/index.php/the-womens-guild.html