Becky Starkenburg

Vice President for Student Life & Title IX Coordinator


M.A., Michigan State University

Becky Starkenburg nurtures a vibrant student experience at Trinity as she leads an experienced staff in residence life, student leadership, counseling, vocation and career, community engagement, athletics, and security.

Starkenburg’s leadership is about cultivating an academic community where students flourish. “The unique kind of education that we offer at Trinity – liberal arts joined with field experience in the area of study – shapes students to flourish in their vocation for their whole lives,’” says Starkenburg. Under her leadership, the student life and athletics staff seeks to create a co-curricular education that endures. “What I love about Trinity is that of course our students have fun, but they also develop deep and lasting friendships. They begin to see how redemption is happening, they develop solutions to vexing problems, they participate in creative and redemptive activity that develops community, and, most importantly, through the rhythms of Trinity life, they are reminded of who they are and how they are being shaped. It’s a whole-life thing. There is nothing more life-giving for any of us who teach, coach and serve at Trinity than seeing a student awaken to these things, as they discover joy in what they are being called to do.” This joy-filled work, along with Starkenburg’s collaborative data-informed leadership, has led to higher-than-national-average rates of Trinity students persisting to graduation throughout the last decade.

Starkenburg also oversees the College’s Non-Discrimination Policy and Title IX efforts. She has over 20 years of experience working with students in conduct and equity work. In 2016, she developed the College’s first unified non-discrimination policy and training program that encompasses every member of the campus community. This work places her in front of student groups, faculty groups, staff groups to help the Trinity community to continue to cast the vision for a culture of hospitality and flourishing for all members.

Starkenburg has been at Trinity Christian College since 2008. Prior to 2008, Vice President Starkenburg served in various student affairs roles at both small private liberal arts colleges and a large state university. She also previously served as Trinity’s Director of the First Year Experience before becoming vice president in 2013. She earned a master of arts degree in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University in 2002, engaging in focused projects on the quality of mentoring relationships between female students and their professors and a comprehensive review of a small college’s alcohol policy. She has also written and led grant projects, including an ACUHO-I grant to improve community development in a large university apartment complex and various grants associated with the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) while at Trinity. She has served on the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Commission for Chief Student Affairs Officers, serving as chair from 2019-20. Starkenburg regularly speaks to groups on and off campus on a wide range of topics including vocation, formation, wellbeing/mental health, co-curricular learning, and practices of inclusive, flourishing community.