Destiny Durham

Admissions Representative

Why do you love Trinity?
This institution’s sole purpose is to mold young adults, providing them with the tools to not only be successful, but to be leaders within society. I love Trinity Christian College for the relationships I was able to build and for the enormous amount of support I received while I was a student here.

What does life outside of Trinity look like for you?
I enjoy quality time with my family and friends. I am also working to seek opportunities that further my professionalism and experience.

What is your favorite part of Chicago?
Chicago is full of people and life. The diversity brings an element of excitement, and it’s a place where people from a multitude of different backgrounds, races and ethnicities come together.

What year did you graduate from Trinity? What was your major? What were you involved with in college?
I graduated in May 2019. While pursuing my undergrad, I worked on campus as a Student Ambassador for the Student Life Department and I worked at the Bootsma Bookstore Café.