Emily Bosscher

Director of First Year Experience

As the Director of First Year Experience, Bosscher helps all new students make a smooth transition into the life and community of Trinity academically and socially. Her office oversees the First Year Forum (FYF) programs, which are academic courses for first-year and transfer students that are designed to meet their unique transitional needs. “It is a great joy to watch students find belonging on campus and discover who they are in this community in the first few weeks and months of the school year.” She also supports other departments on campus that teach Foundations courses and works with them to provide ongoing support to new students as they become members of the Trinity family. She also works in the Office of Vocation and Career Development.

A graduate of Calvin College, Bosscher began her career as a teacher. “In the fall of 2013, after 13 years of teaching high school English and directing over 20 plays and musicals, I found my way to Trinity. I started here by working in the Athletics Department, and eventually transitioned from that position to this one. Since I love to learn, I love working on a college campus!” Bosscher also earned an M.A. from Governors State University and is working to complete an M.S. in First-Year Studies from Kennesaw State University.

Bosscher sums up her work one idea: “Positive Restlessness.” “I have a restlessness that is never quite satisfied with that which is good enough, but that seeks to constantly think about how things could be done even better for the good of our new Trinity students.”