Jeremy Klyn '02

Director of Alumni and Family Engagement


Trinity Christian College class of ’02
Double Major in Theology and Church/Ministry Leadership

Oskaloosa, IA

My favorite things to do when I’m not working are spend time with my family, watch or coach baseball games, and occasionally dabble in woodworking.  That class in high school has really paid off.

Favorite college memory:
One random weeknight we heard that Dunkin Donuts threw out their old donuts at the end of the day in a [mostly] clean garbage bag, so some friends and I came up with a great plan to bring them back to campus and sell them to other students to make money. Turned out we were wrong. But, we found an old water fountain in the dumpster instead and took it back to campus. That old busted fountain then made its way around campus the rest of the semester, getting moved to different students’ rooms when they weren’t there.