Laura Dávalos

Director of the Office of Learning Services

A desire to serve students and remove barriers to student success drew Laura Dávalos here. She loves Trinity’s restorative nature by design. There’s an intentionality, based on the institution’s core value of Restoration, to see the fulfillment of God’s plan of restoring Man to himself through the redemptive power of the shed blood of Jesus. This is evidenced by the institution’s commitment to students from admissions to graduation.

As the Director of the Office of Learning Services, (OLS), Dávalos has the honor of overseeing academic support for all Trinity students and the unique opportunity of serving students who are differently-abled. It is her goal to ensure that those who walk into the OLS, whether students, faculty, staff or visitors, feel a sense of peace, belonging and God-given purpose.

Dávalos began her Trinity journey, as an adjunct English instructor for the Trinity By-the-Hand program, while also serving at Outreach Community Ministries/Puente Del Pueblo. Prior to that she worked in radio marketing/sales and taught both middle school and high school English.

Blessed with a desire to express creativity through cooking and baking, she enjoys using those gifts to serve her family, friends and others. While she is not blessed to have a singing voice, she does enjoy centering herself and her children by starting her day with music and worship. On her 50 minute commute to work, she’s always accompanied by the likes of Israel Houghton, Maverick City, Tauren Wells or Elevation Worship. Occasionally, Bono (U2) and Michael McDonald show up too. The rotation is varied and even bilingual. Just don’t get too close to her vehicle—you may hear her attempting to hit the high notes.