Susan Joritz

Administrative Coordinator

Why do you love Trinity?
I love Trinity for the fellowship!  I have made some deep and lasting friendships through the years.  Plus, I love being on a campus where I get to experience the changing seasons!

What does life outside of Trinity look like for you?
I am an avid runner and enjoy putting on the earbuds and going out for a run.  I also love to bake all kinds of delightful treats for family, friends and co-workers.  I am a serious Survivor fan, having watched it every season since it started in 2000!

What is your favorite part of Chicago?
There are so many things to pick from, but my absolute favorite was the Soldier Field 10 mile.  I got to run along the lakeshore which was awesome and inspiring. Then, the finish line was through the player tunnel and across the 50-yard line at Soldier Field. They even blazoned me crossing the finish line on the jumbotron! I also enjoy the Chicago River cruises, Gino’s deep dish pizza, and of course, Blackhawks Hockey Games!