Bridge Program

This “All-Access/Backstage Pass” to success at Trinity is designed to provide assistance in transitioning to life at Trinity and provides ongoing support throughout the first semester. While the program is designed for all incoming students, conditionally admitted students are required to enroll in this program.  Other students must request to participate. The program only admits 25 students.

The Bridge Program is designed to assist students as they transition into college and face the rigorous academic and personal demands of the first year experience here at Trinity Christian College.

Trinity Christian College has developed this program for all students, but particularly for those who are admitted conditionally to the College. This is based on your high school GPA score, college entrance exams, or a combination of the two. Other first year students may apply to be accepted into the program and may be enrolled if space permits.

This is a service the college provides to enhance success. There is no cost to the student.

The first component is an end-of-the-summer, 3-day orientation and the second is a semester-long, academics course. Both are designed to hone learning and study skills essential to college success.

Bridge Orientation Week

Program Director: Professor Laura C. Dávalos

During the pre-Thrive Bridge Orientation week, all participants are required to live on campus. Those who plan to commute to campus during the year will get the chance to experience dorm life for the week. Those who plan to live on campus will be able to move into their rooms in the residence halls – the rooms they will have for the year. Because activities are planned for some evenings, all students are required to fully devote their time to this program and are not to leave campus for employment and/or social reasons.

The Bridge Program begins on a Wednesday, three days before the start of Trinity’s main first year orientation. A welcome team with grocery carts and lots of enthusiasm will be on hand to help students sign in and unload their cars. Before saying goodbyes that evening, family and friends are included in a welcome orientation, a meal, and activities.

During the Bridge Orientation, students in the program will become familiar with the campus and all its resources, meet and engage with some of their college professors and staff and learn some college survival skills.  By the time the rest of the first year students arrive on Friday and Thrive activities begin, they will have already developed friendships and support systems that will give them a confidence-boosting advantage in adjusting to campus life.

Academics 101

2 Credit Hour
Professor Laura C. Dávalos

Three hours spent together each week will expand on the skills and concepts introduced in the orientation week.  Professor Dávalos along with upper level teaching assistants will help guide students thorough the academic and social adjustments to college life.  The textbook is an excellent resource that will be valuable throughout all four years at Trinity.  As with all college courses, a grade is assigned.

Bridge Program FAQs

Yes, all first-year students are required to complete Thrive, the first year orientation program.  The Bridge Orientation ends with lunch on Friday, and Thrive activities will begin that same afternoon.  Your parents/guardians are invited to participate in the Friday afternoon and evening orientation events.

Yes. All students in the program will live on campus during orientation week to enable them to participate in both day and evening excursions.

The residence hall staff will be on campus along with many student athletes and students who are part of Thrive.

Professor Laura C. Dávalos, the director of Trinity’s Office of Learning Services, will direct the program.    With the help of student mentors who will lead evening activities, Professor Dávalos will facilitate class activities. She is also the instructor for Academics 101, the class component of the Bridge program, which is taken in the fall semester.

Contact your admissions counselor and/or the Student Development Office to make arrangements.

Admissions: 800.748.0085.
Student Development: 708.239.4704.

Yes!  Be sure to call your admissions counselor or the Student Development Office to make arrangements.