Daniel Reiling ’20

Computer Science

I started my freshman year at Trinity, then I decided to join the US Army in 2015. I was inspired to join the military because of a desire to help others in need and a sense of service to others. I worked as a Technical Engineer and was deployed to Iraq in 2016 to 2017. I view my entire time in Iraq as a proud moment. Everyday there would be a challenge or new obstacle that had to be overcome & in order to overcome them, sometimes you had to get really creative. One such moment was when we had to survey a giant piece of land for a new landing strip but we had very little time to do it in. We would normally walk and record our survey data but there was too much land to cover. We decided to rig our survey equipment to the back of our Humvee, which definitely isn’t the norm, and drive instead of walk so we would collect the data in time.

Now that I’m back home I decided to return to Trinity and pick up where I left off. I am majoring in Computer Science with minors in Entrepreneurship and Digital Design.

–Daniel Reiling ’20