Sierra Hernandez '17


Carnegie Hall is a world famous music venue, and music major Sierra Hernandez ’17 got the chance to sing there this summer.

“I was exhilarated and excited,” said Hernandez, who went as part of the Allegro Music & Dance Academy, where she is a teacher. Along with her own performance, she also worked with her elementary-school-age music students on their pieces. “My students were so good, and I was so proud of them,” she said.

Hernandez plays a variety of instruments, including saxophone, violin, flute, and guitar. She is also taking trumpet lessons. But for her performance at Carnegie Hall, she sang while accompanied on piano and violin by fellow Allegro instructors Victoria Giachetto and Thomas Milschewski. Hernandez wrote the music for the piece, which was based on a poem by Michael McClintock, who gave Hernandez permission to use his work.

It took more than a year of preparations to get ready for both Carnegie Hall performances. That included working on her own piece, and getting her students prepared for theirs. Fifty students from Allegro, ranging in age from kindergarten through high school, participated in the public concerts on June 27.

Hernandez said she initially didn’t consider Trinity as a college choice. “I thought I wanted a big state school. But when I toured those, it was terrifying!” she said. “But when I visited Trinity, it felt fun and secure.”