Nursing Students Prepare for Clinicals

Nursing - Blessing HandsBefore sending junior nursing students into their first professional clinicals, the nursing department held its annual Commitment to Caring Ceremony on October 14 in the Grand Lobby. 

The chairperson of the department, Dr. Joyce Azzaline, opened the ceremony with a welcome in which she challenged the students to see their careers from the perspective of their service to Christ and to “use their hands and hearts for his work.”

Alumna Natalie Buikema ’09 shared her nursing experience over the past four years. She acknowledged that each student would be called to serve in a unique way, and that the ability to fulfill that call comes from God. “Each one of you has something special—and different—to give. God will be your strength, your knowledge, and your comfort in times when you need it.”

Joanna Wigboldy, a representative of the Chaplain’s office, explained the importance of touch as a way to connect and communicate with others. Wigboldy emphasized Jesus’ ministry and the way it modeled how touch can be a source of healing.  

After the addresses, students and professors gathered in small circles around the room and joined hands as a blessing was given over the students and the work of their hands.