For God, For Good
For the World

About Trinity Christian College

Take part in a rounded liberal arts education

At Trinity, you’ll find an outstanding education, concerned about the whole person—for good, for God, and for the world.

At Trinity, students take part in a rounded liberal arts education that equips them to build a life that matters. Students thrive because we are small and mighty—they get both the small college benefit of focused attention on their questions and passions combined with the opportunities of proximity to a big city.

The world is not only ready for, but it needs the curious, ambitious students who are drawn to school at Trinity.


Continually ranked in the top tier among Regional Colleges—Midwest by U.S.News & World Report, Trinity Christian College is an accredited liberal arts college offering 70 programs of study, master’s degree programs in counseling psychology and special education, and an Adult Studies accelerated program. Students are encouraged to ask questions and learn from dedicated professors who teach a Christian worldview and prepare students to build a life that makes a difference.

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Within the campus life at Trinity, you’ll find a community full of life—organizations, groups built around passions, and nonstop events. Our more than 1,400 students spend their time at Trinity building relationships that last a lifetime. Intercollegiate sports, student-run ministry programs, and a full scope of creative expression in fine arts and student publications are a huge part of the Trinity experience.


Trinity is less than 30 minutes from Chicago. At Trinity, your learning will be enhanced by more cultural, career, and social opportunities than you can imagine. Proximity to Chicago means internship opportunities at major companies and hospitals, hours of culture at museums and theaters, and so much food and fun. Trinity’s Chicago Semester provides a chance for students to live and work in the city for an entire semester.


There’s no better way to broaden your worldview and gain a global perspective than through travel. Trinity offers off-campus programs including semesters in Spain, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Oman, Romania, as well as other areas of the world. Interim trips to countries such as South Africa, Jamaica, Italy, China, and France offer students additional study abroad opportunities.