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As part of Trinity’s professional artists series, the College is pleased to host “Three Approaches to Painting:  Carla Markwart, Chris Reno, Mike Westra” in the Seerveld Gallery in the Art & Communication Center through Sept. 26.

The Trinity Women’s Organization presents the annual Fall Scrapbooking Event to raise funds for Trinity Scholarships on Sept. 20-21.

Trinity presents the Annual Stardust Jazz Night, with the Trinity Jazz Ensemble and the Junius Paul Quartet. Join us for this magical evening of incomparable jazz music!

Trinity Quad

The best way to experience Trinity is to come for a visit. Meet professors and current students, attend a chapel, eat in the dining hall, talk to someone about financial aid opportunities, and find out how a Trinity education will set you on a course to build a life that makes a difference.

Trinity will be holding a short time of prayer on Friday, Sept. 20, as we seek to be good stewards of God’s creation and care for our brothers and sisters around the world who are being negatively affected by climate change.

24 Hr Theatre Project

During this event, six brand-new ten-minute plays are written, rehearsed, and performed within a day. Each play will be a response to, or exploration of, the same photograph,

This free performance of the acclaimed British one-man play, Mr. Darwin’s Tree, will visit Trinity’s campus as part of its tour in Fall 2019.

Michael Vander Weele (publisher) and Schuyler Roozeboom (designer) invite the community to the book launch of “Tasteful Diversity,” a collection of Trinity student food essays representing world cultures: 25 stories, 25 recipes.

Counseling Psychology

Come visit the Counseling & Psychology Department in its new space–the basement of Vander Velde Hall! There will be food, music, and a great time.

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