Our Mission

Trinity offers an outstanding education, concerned about the whole person—for good, for God, and for the World.


Trinity Christian College is a Chicago-area Christian liberal arts college with outstanding academic and professional programs.

A Liberal Arts education pursues inquiry and curiosity, meaning and wisdom, grace and truth and builds personal character. Students will explore and discover meaning and purpose and be able to apply talents, knowledge, and calling to engage culture and build a life that makes a difference in this world.


Equip students to live Christianity boldly to bring restoration to God’s creation.

God calls each of us to participate together in spreading His kingdom. We equip students to understand how their talents, knowledge, and calling add to this community and how they can boldly carry that with them into God’s world.


Trinity welcomes and serves students from a wide range of denominations and traditions. The College’s roots are in Reformed Christianity which acts as the foundation from which we educate and serve our students. Everything we do is guided by the infallible Word of God as interpreted by the Reformed standards.

The Reformed worldview affirms the Biblical truths that creation is the work of God, that our world has fallen into sin, and that redemption is possible only through the gracious work of Christ. From these beliefs arise the convictions that those who teach and learn are called to be coworkers with Christ in subjecting all cultural activities to the reign of God, and that genuine education must involve the whole person as a thinking, feeling, and believing creature.


Trinity Christian College welcomes, encourages, and supports those who wish to contribute to and benefit from our mission. We embrace all members of this college community that come from different geographical areas and represent differences in ethnicity, and race. Members of this diverse community are united and encouraged based on a Reformed, Christian worldview and perspective. The goal is to be intentional in fulfilling its mission and in preparing people who will live in radically diverse environments. We seek to actively recruit and include a variety of people into all aspects of our academic life.

Trinity acknowledges that inclusivity, diversity, and openness in the context of a Reformed, Christian worldview enhances the preparation our students receive for life and service in a multicultural and global world.


Our proximity to Chicago provides unique opportunities for educating students. Chicagoland delivers all kinds of cultural experiences through a vast network of organizations, businesses, schools, hospitals, museums, and churches where our students gain invaluable experience and become equipped to live a life that makes a difference.