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Trinity Oaks Society

Mighty things can grow from small beginnings. This simple premise, demonstrated by the acorns and oak trees on Trinity’s campus, summarizes the goal of the Trinity Oaks Society.

As we look to the future, the next financial challenge for the College is to build up the Trinity Endowment Fund. Income from the Endowment Fund keeps tuition and fees affordable for more students, provides for more scholarships, supports strong academic leadership, and maintains continued care for our beautiful campus.

The Trinity Oaks Society offers the opportunity to make a difference for future Trinity students. Through thoughtful and prayerful planning today, you can secure our ongoing commitment to provide biblically informed liberal arts education in the Reformed tradition.

Please join the Trinity Oaks Society to ensure excellent Christian higher education at Trinity Christian College for generations to come.

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Ken Boss

Director of Planned Giving


Support from the endowment fund enables the College to keep the cost of tuition, room and board affordable for a greater number of students.

Scholarships encourage excellence in academic achievement and diversity in the student body.

Financial support from the endowment fund for study and research will encourage strong academic excellence, providing students with the Reformed Christian worldview and biblical perspective that is the foundation of Trinity’s philosophy of education.

A growing endowment fund will provide maintenance and care of Trinity’s expanding campus.

Trinity Brick Program

Pave the way to a special place in Trinity’s history with an alumni or commemorative brick in the courtyard outside the Ozinga Chapel.

An engraved brick is an ideal way to celebrate graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, or preserve your favorite verse or phrase. Each brick can be personalized with the name of a friend or family member. Purchasing a brick through the Trinity Brick Program also means that the total amount of every brick’s price is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to Trinity Christian College.

Alumni Bricks

Bricks naming Trinity alumni are placed in the steps area of the courtyard grouped by graduation year, making them easy to find. 4” x 8”, $75 each.

Commemorative Bricks

These bricks are placed in the lower level of the courtyard, and are perfect to celebrate a special person or memorable moment. $100 each.

Please Note: All bricks purchased on or prior to January 31 will be installed in April of the same year. Bricks purchased after this date will be installed in April of the following year.