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One of the best things about Trinity is that it is small. Here, you won’t be lost in the crowd. And you can build your own college experience. Be a leader in your department, your area of interest, your passion—because it’s small. In a student organization, you can get to know others who are passionate in your area like you, and who can inspire your interests. Student organizations sharpen iron with iron. Find yours today.

Featured Student Organization

student organizations art club

Art Club

Art Club currently meets at 6:30 on Wednesdays in the Molenhouse (Mole Hole). We meet every week for fun projects like coloring and henna, and we do events, field trips, and workshops!


Art Club
Computer Club
Education Club
Historical Association of Students (HAS)
Mock Trial
Nursing Student Organization
Science Club
Social Work Student Organization (SWSO)
Theatre Club

Business and Interest

Criminal Justice Club
Innovation Club
Psychology Club
Social Justice Chapter
Student Design Organization
Theology Club
Women Empowerment Club

Campus Ministry

Chapel Team
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Men’s Ministry
Prayer Ministry
Sunday Night Worship
Women’s Ministry


Bags Tournament
Indoor Soccer
Rock Climbing Club
Sand Volleyball
Tabletop Club
Video Game Club
Whiffle Ball

Multicultural Groups

Asian American Alliance
African Student Union
Black Student Union
Multicultural Leadership Team
Sabor Latino


Best Buddies
Cooperativity Club
Ecological Consciousness Organization
Service Outreach Corps
Social Justice Chapter
Sunday Snacks

Student Activities and Events

Student Activities Committee
Residence Hall Councils

Student Association

Executive Committee
(elected by peers)
Class Representative
(elected by peers)

If you have an idea for a club that isn’t listed, apply to create one and share your passion!