Assessment, Program Review, and Program Development

Assessment of student learning is a crucial part of Trinity Christian College’s efforts to develop and maintain excellence in its educational programming. These efforts are based on the mission of the college which states, “In all programs, including the liberal arts and sciences, professional and pre-professional preparation, we strive to offer the highest quality of instruction to prepare students for excellence in further study and careers beyond Trinity.”

The process of assessment of student learning at Trinity Christian College is a collaborative process driven by faculty, staff, students, and administration and overseen by the assessment committee. The mandate of the assessment committee is to:

  • to formulate and review all college assessment policy and procedures and makes policy recommendations to the Faculty Association;
  • to review assessment reports from academic departments, select co-curricular areas of the college, and the general education committee
    • to identify and disseminate trends in student learning,
    • to ascertain understanding and implementation of the assessment process, and
    • to recommend mentoring in assessment for departments or programs with difficulties maintain an effective assessment program;
  • to review college-wide evaluation data to identify and disseminate trends in student learning; and
  • to offer workshops for faculty pedagogy development to improve student learning related to trends identified.

Academic departments, co-curricular areas, and general education all contribute to the assessment of student learning.

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