Assessment, Program Review, and Program Development

Assessment of student learning is a crucial part of Trinity Christian College’s efforts to develop and maintain excellence in its educational programming. These efforts are based on the mission of the college which states, “In all programs, including the liberal arts and sciences, professional and pre-professional preparation, we strive to offer the highest quality of instruction to prepare students for excellence in further study and careers beyond Trinity.”

The process of assessment of student learning at Trinity Christian College is a collaborative process driven by faculty, staff, students, and administration and overseen by the assessment and program review committee. That committee tends both to assessment of effective student learning and to the review of programs designed to ensure that programs align with the College mission and are resourced to deliver excellent educational experiences for students. The mandate of the assessment and program review committee is to:

  • formulate, review, and communicate assessment and program review policies and procedures;
  • establish and oversee cycles of assessment and program review for each academic department of the college;
  • review assessment reports and practices from academic departments;
  • provide professional development to help faculty implement effective assessment of student learning;
  • collaborate with the Foundations Committee, which assesses Foundations learning outcomes, and the Student Success division, which assesses co-curricular learning outcomes, in order to continually improve learning across campus;
  • analyze program review documents from academic support departments, ensuring that programs align with the mission and strategy of the college, that academic departments have an avenue to request support for maintaining effective, high-quality programs, and that departments execute strategies for continuous program improvement based on review feedback.

All academic programs at Trinity gather assessment data year by year and complete a triennial assessment report in which opportunities for continuous improvement are identified, implemented, and measured.

All academic programs at Trinity complete a process of full departmental review, including external review, every seven years. Programs with discipline-specific accreditation (such as nursing, business, or education) have cycles of review connected to the policies of their accrediting bodies.

All academic departments and co-curricular areas participate in an annual Assessment Day in which programs are evaluated for continuous improvement and to ensure learning outcomes are being met.

The Foundations (general education) learning outcomes are assessed in annual cycles that ensure all Foundations courses are effective in helping students achieve intended learning outcomes.

These practices of assessment and of program review are an essential expression of Trinity’s commitment to providing the highest quality instruction to our students.

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