Tuition and Costs


So you are ready to build your college experience at Trinity?  We believe college should be accessible to all, and your top choice should not be limited by a bottom-line number.  We believe college pricing should be transparent and easy to understand.  We believe college tuition should be realistic and never sacrifice quality for pricing.  We believe a high-quality education can be available to more students than ever before.   Trinity is committed to making college tuition accessible, realistic, and transparent.

For tuition and costs of adult undergraduate or graduates programs:


Annual Tuition & Fees


On Campus Housing and Meals/Year

$10,000 – $11,450

Commuter Meals Plan


Summer Tuition:

Traditional Undergraduate

$465 per credit hour


Estimated cost of books & supplies (varies)


Estimated cost of transportation (varies)


Estimated cost of miscellaneous expenses:


First Year Experiences fee:


Student life fee:


Information about Trinity’s costs is available from various sources, including the College Catalog, College Navigator, and various publications. A full description of a student’s budgeted cost of attendance—including  estimated figures for indirect costs like transportation, books and supplies—can be requested from the Financial Aid Office.

Estimate your costs
& financial aid package

Estimate your costs
& financial aid package

All students with accepted financial aid in excess of charges billed by the College may request a book voucher from the Business Office in order to purchase books and supplies from the College Bookstore, starting 10 days prior to the start of the term.

Students receiving a Federal Pell Grant can receive a book voucher even if they do not have an anticipated credit balance. Students are advised that any amount of Federal Pell Grant used to purchase books and supplies is no longer available to pay tuition, which in effect increases the student’s balance due to the college.

Students who are convicted of a drug law violation while receiving federal student aid (grants, loans, work-study) may have their eligibility for federal financial aid suspended.  Students who lose their eligibility can regain it early by successfully completing an approved drug rehabilitation program or by passing two unannounced drug tests administered by an approved drug rehabilitation program.  Students who are convicted of a drug-related offense after submitting the FAFSA might lose eligibility for federal student aid, and could be liable for returning any financial aid received during a period of ineligibility.  Information about the College’s programs and policies for the prevention of drug & alcohol abuse are outlined in the Student Handbook.


Trinity offers a four-payment plan which allows students to make four tuition payments throughout each semester for a small $60.00 fee.

Fall Semester

  • 1st payment is due August 15
  • 2nd payment is due September 15
  • 3rd payment is due October 15
  • 4th payment is due November 15

Spring Semester

  • 1st payment is due January 15
  • 2nd payment is due February 15
  • 3rd payment is due March 15
  • 4th payment is due April 15

If the payment due date falls on a weekend, your payment will be due and processed on the next business day.

The Student Accounts Office is  available for help you with your questions through and through phone calls at 708.239.4717.  If you leave a voicemail, we will get back to you by the end of business day.  We encourage you to make payments online through the portal.  All refund requests should go to   If you have a urgent question, please email or call 708.239.4719 and leave a voicemail and she will get back to you within a few hours.