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Off-Campus Programs

There’s no better way to broaden your worldview and gain a global perspective than through travel.

Since we believe in lifelong learning and educating the whole person, Trinity sponsors high-quality off-campus programs in Chicago and abroad, including semesters in Spain, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Paris, and Romania. We also endorse several other programs offered by arrangement with affiliated institutions.

Experience a new culture.
Travel internationally.
Make new friends.
Be challenged.

Cost, Financial Aid, and Requirements

As with any education-related costs, we want to be sure everything is as clear as possible. Learn the basics about cost, how financial aid works with these off-campus programs, and student and program requirements.

For Semester in Spain (SIS), Trinity students will pay their normal tuition and receive their normal discounts, plus $4,500 in room and board, and the addition of a $1,000 SIS fee.  Pricing for non-Trinity students will remain at $14,000 for tuition and $4,500 for room & board.

Federal and state financial aid can be applied to all off-campus study programs when eligible. Institutional financial aid can only be applied to Semester in Spain and Semester in Chicago.

For all other approved off-campus programs, students will be charged the exact relevant Tuition, Room & Board, and fees for these programs and payment will be made to Trinity Christian College for the exact amount. Information on the exact cost of each program can be found on the website of the program the student wishes to attend.

Some programs include room and board in the overall program fee, and students are charged that fee in addition to tuition, as applicable.

For most programs, travel expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Students may apply all of their government-funded financial aid to approved off-campus programs, provided they remain enrolled as Trinity students during the semester. For purposes of eligibility to receive Trinity institutional financial aid when attending an off-campus program, the programs are grouped into three categories:

Trinity Approved Programs

For Semester in Spain, students may apply 100% of the Trinity institutional financial aid for which they are eligible. All other Trinity approved programs are not supported with Trinity financial aid and the student will be response for the full and exact cost of the program.

Non-Supported Programs

All other off-campus programs are non-supported programs. If a student finds a program independently, the program is not supported with Trinity financial aid. Students pursuing non-supported programs should consult with the Registrar about transfer arrangements and consortial agreements as needed.

Participation in off-campus programs is only permitted by approval of Trinity. The minimum grade point average (GPA) required to apply is 2.50. For students to receive any institutional financial aid for endorsed programs, they must have a minimum GPA of 2.50. Additional GPA requirements may apply in specific programs. Consult their websites for more information.

In order to offer students a rewarding experience in off-campus programs, Trinity establishes the following standards of quality and performance. All approved off-campus programs will exhibit the following characteristics and practices:

  1. Provide an environment inside and outside the classroom that complements Trinity’s home campus as a student-centered, supportive Christian environment that fosters students’ individual talents and skills
  2. Offer high quality academic coursework, with learning outcomes comparable with those of on-campus courses
  3. Employ highly qualified faculty members who have appropriate academic preparation and cross-cultural expertise
  4. Complement classroom instruction with substantial opportunities for experiential learning, such as travel and excursions that promote cross-cultural understanding
  5. Provide language instruction when appropriate that brings students to at least a basic understanding of the language of the country in which they are studying
  6. Supply home stays, where that option is appropriate, that give daily opportunity for students to communicate with local people and experience local culture and traditions
  7. Make available opportunities for students to explore and practice their faith through regular group devotional opportunities and/or church attendance
  8. Communicate regularly with students before, during, and after their experience through regular mailings, website, and especially through personal communication
  9. Administer regular evaluations of the program, including individual classes and overall program operations
  10. Implement a rigorous plan of risk management that includes information for students about known risks to persons or property; instruction for students in appropriate behaviors to avoid risks to personal safety and property; detailed instructions for appropriate actions and resources to consult in cases of emergency; and written reports to Trinity concerning all incidents that require a report to authorities, using Trinity’s approved Incident Report Form.

Important Deadline

To be eligible for any financial aid, you must complete a pre-application by February 1 of the academic year prior to the academic year of attendance in the program.

Got Questions?

Mabia Shadel, M.S.

Director of International Student Services and Off-campus Programs|

Mabia Shadel