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Your important gift to Trinity

Our global community needs the next generation of Christian leaders. Through your gifts, you can open the door for them and help Trinity to continue to be the best place to get them ready. Together, we can equip the next generation to make a difference.

We appreciate your gift, whether it’s a one-time donation, a special gift or designated scholarship donation, or a planned gift from your estate. You know every dollar will be put to use for good, for God, and for the world.

The Trinity Fund

Named for the whole College, since its benefits are seen everywhere, the Trinity Fund is an operational fund for Trinity Christian College that supplements the school’s income from tuition. The Trinity fund helps Trinity offer a full college experience, while maintaining a reasonable tuition rate for every student that attends.

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Our Advancement Programs & Funds

Many donors prefer to designate their gifts to a specific area. Maybe Athletics was an area that contributed to your college experience and growth during your time at Trinity. Or perhaps endowment fund growth has been placed on your heart. Learn more about these opportunities below.

Mighty things can grow from small beginnings. This simple premise, demonstrated by the acorns and oak trees on Trinity’s campus, summarizes the goal of the Trinity Oaks Society.

As we look to the future, the next financial challenge for the College is to build up the Trinity Endowment Fund. Income from the Endowment Fund keeps tuition and fees affordable for more students, provides for more scholarships, supports strong academic leadership, and maintains continued care for our beautiful campus.

Planned Giving

One of the most significant ways we can provide a lasting gift is through planned giving. Planned giving is designed to maximize the benefits of your charitable gifts. By using the favorable tax treatment of charitable gifts, you can provide tuition support, scholarships, and the ongoing care of our facilities.

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Double the Impact of your Charitable Donation

What does it mean that many companies are willing to match employee gifts?  When a donor gives a charitable gift to an organization, many companies will match the funds given, doubling the size of the original gift.

If you desire to make a difference in the lives of Trinity students, check into your company policies today to see if they will match gifts given.

If you have any questions, contact our office.

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