Trinity Oaks Society

Faithful Stewardship for Future Generations

With faith and love, mighty things can grow from small beginnings. This premise, brought to living example by the acorns and oak trees on Trinity’s campus, embodies the goal of the Trinity Oaks Society. Trinity Christian College itself began with a simple, clear vision in 1959 on the grounds of a former golf course shaded by beautiful trees. The first class consisted of 37 students taught by five full-time professors. Over the next 60 years, the College has grown and flourished on our serene campus educating thousands of students earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Trinity is regularly recognized for its stellar academics and for its vision to help students live out their vocations, in professions and communities around the world.

And we continue to look to the future by building the Trinity Endowment Fund. This fund, which is supported by the Trinity Oaks Society, allows the College to continue to grow, to keep tuition and fees affordable for more students, to provide more scholarships, to support strong academic leadership, and to maintain continued care of our beautiful campus.

With your support and the support of other members of the Trinity Oaks Society, we look to the next 60 years. By working together, we can ensure that Trinity continues to be a place where our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can be nurtured and educated in the fullness and knowledge of God.

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.”
– Isaiah 61:3

The Mighty Oaks of Trinity

The campus of Trinity Christian College has long been graced by the presence of magnificent oak trees. The Trinity oaks stand tall and strong, their longevity a testimony to the planning and foresight of the College’s stewards. They are constant reminders of God’s faithfulness to Trinity’s students, professors, staff, alumni, and friends. Like these trees, the Trinity Oaks Society is a reflection of strength, constancy, and care for the future.

Members of the Trinity Oaks Society share a common vision and purpose:

  • To provide an opportunity for alumni and friends to practice Christian stewardship in support of the College.
  • To facilitate commitments to the Trinity Endowment Fund through estate plans and direct gifts.
  • To formally recognize those who are committed to future generations of Trinity students.
  • To educate friends of the College regarding estate planning.

Your participation in the Trinity Oaks Society will provide continued financial strength and stability for the College and affordable educational opportunities for students of tomorrow. With your help, Trinity Christian College will surely remain “a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor” for generations to come.


Alumni and friends of the College are invited to participate in the Trinity Oaks Society in recognition of any of the following commitments:

  • Including Trinity Christian College as a beneficiary in your will.
  • Listing Trinity Christian College as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy or making Trinity Christian College the owner of a life insurance policy.
  • Entering into an agreement with Trinity Christian College to purchase a charitable gift annuity, or establishing a charitable remainder trust through another organization, such as Barnabas Foundation, naming Trinity as a beneficiary.

Like the oak trees themselves, society members maintain a lasting impression on our campus. They have the opportunity to participate in special programs and events and are invited to have their name(s) added to an engraved leaf to the Trinity Oak displayed in the Ozinga Chapel in recognition of your commitment.

If you have any questions about Trinity Oaks Society, please contact us at

We invite you to join the Trinity Oaks Society to ensure excellent Christian higher education at Trinity Christian College for generations to come.  Please complete the application below to start the process.