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Before You Arrive

Fall 2022: When Do I Move in?

August 21: Bridge Student Move-In 1:30pm-3:00pm
August 24: Freshmen Move-In (Thrive) 9:30am-2:30pm
August 25-26: Transfer Student Move-In
August 26-27: Returning Student Move-In
August 27*: Mandatory Meetings and Opening Celebrations at 7pm
August 29: First Day of Classes begin at 8:00am

Freshmen move-in day is Wednesday, August 24 from 9:30am-2:30pm.  Freshmen who are part of the Bridge Program will be able to move-in Sunday, August 21 between 1:30-3:00pm in order to participate in the Bridge program.  Freshmen who are part of a varsity, fall sport may also need to move-in at an earlier date for pre-season; that information will be communicated directly to students from coaches.

Students transferring to Trinity have the option to schedule a move-in appointment on August 25 or 26.  Transfer orientation begins on August 26.  Transfers who wish to move-in on August 25-26 can use this link.

Returning Students
Students returning to Trinity (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) are free to move-in on FridayAugust 26 between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm or Saturday, August 27th 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Some returning students may be required to return early to campus for a Trinity-related program or on-campus job.  Below is a list of groups with approved early move-in dates.  If you need to move in early and your group is not included below, please email housing@trnty.edu

  • Women’s Volleyball (Monday, August 8)
  • RAs (Monday, August 8th)
  • Varsity Men’s Soccer, Varsity Cross Country, Women’s Soccer & Golf (Wednesday, August 10th)
  • Student Leaders in Student Activities, Service, Multicultural, Campus Ministries and Thrive (Tuesday, August 16)

Before Arriving on Campus

Complete these actions on your student portal:

  • Fill out all your “Student Life Forms” (they will each turn green once completed)
  • Complete the “My Health” section by either uploading your COVID vaccination record or checking off the box confirming you do not intend to be vaccinated

On Move-In Day

  • Bring as many family and friends as you want—there are no limits this year! Just make sure you and everyone with you is healthy and fever-free
  • Park your vehicle in the lot nearest your residence hall
  • Go to Tab Lawn to check-in and receive your room key (located in the grassy area between the Dining Hall and the Residence Halls)
  • Shopping carts and helpers will be available to assist with your move-in process

What to Bring

As a resident at Trinity, your space comes furnished with a twin-sized bed and mattress (36″ x 80″), a desk and chair, dresser, closet space and a bookcase. You have the opportunity to make your space your own. We provide ways for students to loft their beds and the furniture is stackable to make many different configurations. You will be able to customize the arrangement of your room in a way that works for you and your roommates.

This list is a general overview of items that typically are used in the residents halls. We recommend that you consult with your roommate in order to determine who might bring certain items due to space and economic considerations. Note: All items on this list must, where appropriate, be Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rated. This is not an all-inclusive list; if you are unsure about an item, please contact the area directors.

What to Bring Lists

Remember to bring only what you need; many things can be shared with your roommate(s). A good rule of thumb is if you don’t use something when you are home, then most likely you won’t use it at college and it will just take up space.

Bed sheets.  Extra-long sheets are not necessary. 2 sets recommended.
Pillow, pillowcases, blanket and/or comforter
Towels and washcloths
Personal toiletries
Laundry bag/basket, detergent, bleach, etc.

Cleaning supplies
Clothes hangers, etc.
Storage bins
Insurance card
First Aid Kit

Your room is not just your room, it’s your home away from home so it is time to make it more customized to your needs.

Mattress cover and/or mattress pad
Adhesive hanging supplies (they’re removable and reusable)
Mugs and some dishes
Food storage containers
Coffee maker/Keurig
Hot pot
Surge protectors

Cell phone and charging cables
Lamps or lights
Decorations (throw rugs, pillows, foldable seating, wall decor, baskets, etc.)
Small refrigerator (3.1 cu ft. or smaller)

We are a community that engages and aids in the growth of Christian life and faith. To that end, we do not allow offensive materials on campus. There are also items included on the list below because of safety reasons. These items include:

Racially insensitive and/or offensive paraphernalia (including posters, flags, apparel, etc.)
Sexually explicit and/or offensive material (including posters, decor, apparel, etc.)
Decor advertising, promoting, or depicting alcohol/drugs/tobacco
Firearms, including airsoft and paintball guns

Space heaters
Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, marijuana in any form
Street signs, advertisements or other stolen public property
Microwaves, toaster ovens or other appliances
Candles, incense


No. Mattresses are a little larger than standard size.  However, most deep pocket sheet sets will work and accommodate a mattress pad, if you want one.

You are not required to have a physical conducted. However, all students are required to have an immunization record on file with the student life office.

We encourage you to live at Trinity and carefully consider the value of a residential experience – we firmly believe that it will dramatically enhance your overall experience at Trinity. If you and your family decide that it would be best for you to live at home, you will need to complete a housing waiver form.

You must have your I.D. picture taken at the IT Help Desk;  if you are a new students, you will have an opportunity to have your picture taken at BluePrints registration. Your I.D. serves as your meal card, your access card for the residence halls, and your library card. You will need your I.D. immediately upon your arrival as a student. However, you will not be able to pick up your student I.D. until you have submitted the appropriate forms. You will be able find these forms on your student portal under “My Student Life”.  We request that you complete these prior to your arrival to campus.

The student portal is an individual student account that provides up- to-date information regarding transcripts, student life, billing, financial aid, etc. Your student portal can be accessed via the Trollweb and will require your log in information. Contact your admission representative with questions regarding your computer log in information.

New student housing assignment information is distributed at the summer BluePrints weekend. For students unable to attend BluePrints, housing information can be found on your student portal.

All students must register their vehicle online and then allow at least two days for the registration to be processed. The registration fee will be charged to your student account. All registered vehicles will receive a parking sticker. Distribution procedures for Fall 2020 parking stickers will be announced in August. Visit Campus Safety for parking details and regulations

Contact Us

Questions about housing or moving in?  Please email housing@trnty.edu.