Parking & Vehicles


Trinity Christian College is a residential pedestrian oriented campus designed to provide ease of walking between campus buildings and incorporate sufficient greenspace on campus to provide an esthetically pleasing environment. Consequently, parking areas are placed on the periphery of the campus requiring students to sometimes walk distances from parking areas in order to attend classes. The fee for a vehicle registration sticker does not guarantee the student a parking space on campus and in most cases a parking space found will not be the most convenient of spaces. In order to ensure the orderly maintenance and control of parking and traffic on campus, violations of the registration and parking regulations are strictly enforced by the Department of Campus Safety and Security. Motor vehicles may be parked only in approved student parking areas and drivers will be ticketed and fined if they park elsewhere.

1. Obey all posted traffic regulation, speed and parking signs throughout the campus. If you have a vehicle, it is your responsibility to know the Vehicle Parking Regulations.

2. Parking regulations are in effect seven days a week from August 10 through graduation; this includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Interim, and Spring breaks.

3. Reserved and visitors parking spaces are not to be used for student parking.

4. There is no parking along yellow painted curbs or designated fire lanes.

5. There is no parking in a handicapped space without a handicapped permit which is  assigned to the driver. Illinois state law requires a $250.00 fine per violation.

6. There is no general student parking allowed in the Alumni hall parking lot….ever.

7. Park in designated parking spaces only. Parking is not allowed in the traffic lanes of parking lots whether the curb is painted yellow or not, this includes the north side of the chapel building and the end of designated parking rows.

8. Designated loading spaces located throughout the campus lots are limited to 15 minutes and vehicle flashers must be on. If loading spaces are occupied, it does not give you permission to park in adjacent unauthorized parking spaces.

9. The registered vehicle owner is responsible for all tickets issued to that vehicle regardless of who was driving the vehicle when the ticket was issued.

10. Know that there are designated parking lots and designated times in two lots (A & C) which limit times during which students can park there on weekends. Students may park in the Tibstra (Lot A) and West Hall (Lot C) lots on weekends from 5 p.m. on Friday through 9 p.m. on Sunday.

11. Senior class students may park in the 123rd St. lot (Lot B) provided they have obtained and displayed a yellow sticker. Senior status will be determined by the Registrars Office. Senior students parked in the senior lot without the proper sticker will be ticketed.

1. Lack of a convenient parking space is not an excuse to violate the parking rules.

2. During special events or unusual parking volume times, you may be directed by college staff to park in non-designated or normally unauthorized parking areas.

3. Snow removal is necessary upon occasion. Signs will be posted at lot entrances when vehicles need to be moved to allow parking lots to be plowed.

4. The City of Palos Heights prohibits overnight parking on city streets, and actively enforce speed limit and parking regulations around the college.

5. Special placards may be issued by the Security Department to allow parking in designated spaces for Student Association members, OPUS awards, resident hall awards and temporary medical considerations.

All ticket fines are $20.00 for each violation, except Parking in a Handicapped Space which is set by the State of Illinois at $250.00.  All ticket fines are expected to be paid or an appeal filed within 10 days of the issuance of the ticket. Fines must be paid at the Business Office. Fine amounts will double after 10 days, if an appeal has not been filed, and the amount will automatically be forwarded to the Business Office and placed on the student’s account. Any unpaid ticket fines may result in the withholding of transcripts and/or grades at the end of the semester.

Parking ticket appeals must be submitted to the Ticket Appeal Committee within 10 days of the issuance of the ticket. Appeals submitted after the 10 day period will not be considered. The appeal must be submitted online at the Security Department’s website by clicking on the Ticket Appeal link. The disposition of the Ticket Appeal Committee finding will be emailed to the Student submitting the appeal.

Flagrant or repeated violations of the College parking and traffic rules and regulations may result in the revocation of driving privileges on campus. The final decision of such revocation will be made by the Vice-President of Student Development.

The College reserves the right to remove and impound any vehicle found on campus that is parked in a driveway, fire lane, on a sidewalk, blocking a loading dock or trash dumpster, parked in the wrong lot, or illegally parked in such a way as to constitute a hazard to vehicular / pedestrian traffic or the movement or operation of emergency equipment. The owner will be responsible for the cost involved in removing, impounding and storing such a vehicle. The College is not responsible for damage to a vehicle resulting from towing or immobilization. Impounded vehicles not claimed by their owners within 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of in accordance with state law.

No liability is created by granting parking or vehicle operation on property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the College. The College assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of vehicle or contents while operated or parked on College property, this includes any assistance rendered by staff to open any locked vehicle or to assist in the service to an inoperable or disabled vehicle.

Where can I park?


1. Every member of the Trinity community (faculty, staff & students) must register vehicles operated and parked on College property.

2. Traditional resident and commuter students must register every school year. Vehicles must be registered on-line at the vehicle registration link on the Trinity Trollweb website. The fee for traditional student vehicle registration is $100.00 which will be added to your student account.

If a student attends school second semester only, the fee is $50.00. No prorated refunds will be given to students withdrawing, transferring or attending any off-campus studies of programs.   The transfer of a registration sticker from one vehicle to another is prohibited.

3. Student vehicle stickers can be picked up at the Student Development Office during normal business hours. Please allow two business days after registration to process the sticker before picking it up. Adult Education students will receive their stickers through the Adult Education Office.

3. Student vehicle stickers can be picked up at the Student Development Office during normal business hours. Please allow us 2 business days after registration to process the sticker before picking it up. Adult Education students will receive their stickers through the Adult Education Office.

4. Traditional students will have until September 1st to register and display the vehicle registration sticker on their vehicles. Students transferring in second semester will have until January 15th to register their vehicles. After those dates, vehicles not properly displaying the registration sticker will be ticketed.

5. Registration is valid only when the parking sticker is properly displayed on the bottom right hand corner of the rear window.

6. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors receive a blue parking sticker. Qualified seniors (having 90 or more credit hours) may obtain a yellow sticker, which allows them to park in the lot reserved for senior students. Adult education students receive a green sticker and faculty/staff red stickers.

7. If a student has registered one vehicle for $100.00 and registers any subsequent vehicle during the year, or wishes to update to a senior sticker as a result of obtaining senior class status second semester, they may do so for a fee of $15.00.  This registration can be done online also by indicating the appropriate designation from the drop-down menu.

8. The Director of Campus Safety may grant a registration exemption for temporary-use vehicles and can issue temporary use placards for up to 21 days. Placards are available at the Department of Campus Safety and Security office (Tibstra 25) Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.