Build a Life That
Makes a Difference

Liberal Arts College in Chicago

10 Things You Can Expect

A Liberal Arts education pursues inquiry and curiosity, meaning and wisdom, grace and truth, and builds personal character. Students will explore and discover their meaning and purpose and be able to apply talents, knowledge, and calling to engage culture and build a life that makes a difference in the world.


Preparation to
Answer God’s Calling

Rigorous academic programs that will equip students to engage with their culture and apply their talents to their callings.


One-on-One Engagement

Mentorship relationships with faculty will encourage personal development, academic achievement, and spiritual growth, and will prepare students to live in an ever-changing world.


Liberal Arts and Career Preparation

A Liberal Arts education sets a foundation for focused study in a given discipline and will prepare students to become lifelong learners, engage with culture, and build careers.


Lifelong Relationships

Students will build meaningful relationships with others who will become friends and mentors beyond the college years.


A Christian Community

The community helps students grow in their Christian faith and in their understanding of that faith from the Reformed perspective.


A Global City

A city-proximate educational experience will provide inspiring academic resources, rich cultural experiences, hands-on professional experience, and endless career opportunities.


Vibrant Student Life

A fun, social, and safe environment will help students flourish in community while also becoming more independent.



A diverse and culturally rich student body, both denominationally and ethnically, will help students expand their understanding of different cultures.


The Challenge to Grow

The faculty and staff will provide guidance through all facets of the college process and will help with challenges as students learn and grow.


Service Learning

Meaningful community service opportunities get students out of the classroom and enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.


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