OPUS Celebrates Student Accomplishments

Apr 19, 2017



At OPUS 2017, Trinity celebrated student achievements—along with free cotton candy, a charity fundraiser featuring professors in a dunk tank, and much more! This year’s annual event took place on April 11.

“Every year, OPUS is a powerful experience for our community,” said Courtney Kalous ’17, who helped organize OPUS 2017. “It not only reminds us of the value of hard work, but also of the joy that comes from living into the gifts that God has given all of us. OPUS provides the opportunity to share with and encourage one another, and I think that is something truly special.”

As part of the day’s events, several faculty and staff members agreed to climb into a dunk tank to raise funds to help get a collection of student essays published as a small book, tentatively titled “Getting to Know Us:  A Tasteful Diversity.”

“OPUS 2017 was magnificent. The weather was serviceable, though perhaps those committed enough to sit in the dunk tank might have a thing or two to offer on that point,” said Pres. Kurt D. Dykstra. “The campus spirit and energy was palpable. The academic and artistic achievements of our students were very impressive!”

OPUS also marked the College’s inaugural Admitted Students Day. More than 60 incoming freshmen took part in the festivities, received their Trinity IDs, and registered for fall classes.

Special thanks to alumni Peter ’82 and Yvette ’85 Madany, who underwrote the OPUS expenses this year.

Among the stellar presentations that took place across campus, several stood out:

OPUS Awards in Literary Arts


  • 1st Place – Kylla Pate
  • 2nd Place – Alexander Kohrs
  • 3rd Place – Kylla Pate


  • 1st Place – Kate Meyrick
  • 2nd Place – Anna Spotts
  • 3rd Place – Anna Spotts


  • 1st Place – Molly Hofman
  • 2nd Place – Alexander Kohrs
  • 3rd Place – Kezia Stephanie
  • Honorable Mention — Jessica Slinkman

OPUS Awards in Theatre

Original Oratory

  • 1st place — Karlyn Boens
  • 2nd place — Jessica Slinkman


  • 1st place — William Doyle
  • 2nd place — Amanda Garcia


  • 1st place — Kylla Pate
  • 2nd place — Amanda Garcia

Combined Genres

  • 1st place — Soraya Limon
  • 2nd place — Karlyn Boens

OPUS Awards in Music

Vocal Solo:

  • 1st place — Amber Brazelton
  • 2nd place — Aaron DeBoer
  • 3rd place — Kelsie Thornell

Instrumental Solo:

  • 1st place — Ebenezer Munoz
  • 2nd place — Kate Meyrick
  • 3rd place — Matthew Berardi

Original Composition:

  • 1st place — Ivy St. John
  • 2nd place — Sierra Hernandez
  • 3rd place — Kelsie Thornell

OPUS Awards in Art

Best in Show

  • Elizabeth VandeGriend

Graphic Design

  • 1st Place – Ellie Sterenberg
  • 2nd Place – Jacob Boglio
  • 3rd Place – Jessica Lemmenes


  • 1st Place – Pierce Cruz
  • 2nd Place – Andrea Sanchez
  • 3rd Place – Claire Sukamto
  • Honorable Mention – Elizabeth VandeGriend


  • 1st Place – Andrea Sanchez
  •  2nd Place– Agnes Zabawa
  • 3rd Place – Kacie DeKleinet

Drawing/Painting/Mixed Media

  • 1st Place – Jacob Boglio
  • 2nd Place – Jacob Boglio
  • 3rd Place – Elizabeth VandeGriend
  • Honorable Mention —  Abigail Smith

Best in Show Awards in Business, PE, and Nursing


  • Innovation Prize–START Consulting, Tony Dykstra, Dyvon Melling, Jordan Ghiglia, Gabe Fennema
  • Best Project Prize–The RMC Thrift Store, Tom Iwema, Travis Holcombe, Ryan Brouwer, Keegan Fitzsimmons, Annie Matherly


  • Best Poster Presentation–Janell Castaneda, Hayley Kuiper, Whitney Mass, Victoria Wilson for “Click It or Ticket”

Physical Education

  • First Place: Ellie Brummell, Miriam Idies and Audria Scott
  • Second Place: Lance Lammers, Greg Billo, and Taylor Yankee