Students and Faculty Learn to Tell a Good Story

Keding PhotogalleryWhat makes a good story?

According to professional storyteller Dan Keding, a good story teaches you to respond to an emotion and causes you to think.

On Tuesday, February 2, Trinity students and faculty gathered to listen as Keding brought life, excitement, and emotion to his stories.

Sharing stories of his childhood, family, other cultures, and folktales from past generations, he kept the audience engaged. Keding’s subtle humor, emotion, and energy propel his stories and touch his audience members.

“He kept our attention from beginning to end,” said Leah Branderhorst ’11, of Holland, Michigan, “and as a future teacher I learned a lot of valuable tips on storytelling.”

With our stories we make an impression, Keding said, they’re pervasive. A story can teach you about a person’s values, their beliefs, or their culture. “Storytelling is in the threads of our life,” Keding said. We constantly tell our story to those around us, at home, in a classroom, or at work.

Keding’s second visit to Trinity, which included an afternoon workshop and evening performance, was sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Committee.