Current Trends in Applied Behavior Analysis Conference

Students in the Trinity’s Master of Arts in Special Education: Behavior Intervention Specialist program presented to an audience of fellow students and community members during two June evening conference sessions on the Current Trends in Applied Behavior Analysis. During these presentations, the students were able to disseminate information about the field of behavior analysis and how it can be applied in a variety of areas.

Congratulations to the all students that presented at the conference!

“Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A Mindful Approach to Applied Behavior Analysis” presented by Kelly McGrail and Thomas Murphy

“Organization Behavior Management – A Helpful Knowledge Base for All BCBAs” presented by Troy Schemper

“Benefits of Teaching American Sign Language to Children at an Early Age” presented by Cheryl Wartan

“Are My Students Learning, or Are They Waiting for the Bell? Precision Teaching Measuring Student Growth” presented by Erin Collins

“Applied Behavior Analysis in the Treatment of Eating Disorders with an emphasis on Binge Eating Disorder” presented by Shannon Childs

“The Role of Applied Behavior Analysis in Promoting Adherence to Psychotropic Medication” presented by Megan Gitter

“Applying Applied Behavior Analysis to Pediatric Feeding Disorders” presented by Christine Hoekstra

“Targeting Executive Functioning Skills Using Applied Behavior Analysis” presented by Caitlin Buerger and Dana Laging

“Discrete Trial Teaching used in Applied Behavior Analysis” presented by Dana Weaver