Alumnus Poetry Reading - Video

The national award-winning poet, and Trinity alumnus, John Terpstra ex ’74, was on campus April 8 to share his poetry.

Terpstra read from The Church Not Made with Hands, many of the poems of which began at the request of the music director at St. Cuthbert’s Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario. The poems were written to help the church celebrate particular days in the church calendar.  Click here to watch the full-length video.

The following day, Terpstra led a sectional at Trinity’s Arts and Worship in the New Testament Age Symposium, featuring keynote speaker John Bell of the Iona Community in Scotland.

About John Terpstra

John Terpstra has published several books of poetry, including The Church Not Made With Hands and Naked Trees. The Boys, Or, Waiting For the Electrician’s Daughter honors the lives of his wife’s three brothers, each of whom lived with muscular dystrophy until their early 20s. His prose project Falling into Place is a creative investigation of the Iroquois Bar, the geological formation that supports one of Canada’s busiest transportation corridors.