Students Celebrate Asian Culture: Photogallery

View PhotogalleryCelebration of Asia on April 5 provided nearly 200 students and faculty with an evening of Asian pop music and cuisine. The event also raised awareness of social justice and offered moments of reflection and prayer for Japan and the thousands of people affected by the earthquakes.

The event was sponsored by the Asian American Alliance (AAA) and the Ethnic Diversity Committee at Trinity.

Nicole Ferreria ’13, co-president of the alliance, and Edmond Mensah ’12, resident assistant, served as hosts.

Entertainment included a song by Javairia Taylor ’14 of Bolingbrook, Illinois; a dance by Erica Smith ’12 of Country Club Hills, Illinois; and an Aungklung performance by several students, directed by Dr. Yudha Thianto, professor of theology. Asian cuisine was served, including traditional Chinese and Indian dishes.

Ferreria commented on the decision for the event’s theme to focus on Joy and Justice.

“We know that there is suffering in the world, but what is our place in it? What does it take for justice to become our reality? We want people to know, that, yes, there is deep hurt going on in the world, but we need to find ourselves in the midst of all this muck and mire and not be afraid, because God is behind all things. His love covers us.”

During the event, the organization LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) was also highlighted. LiNK is a non-profit organization aiding and protecting North Korean refugees.

“The AAA is working with other Trinity organizations such as Social Justice Chapter, Law and Politics Society, Academic Initiative, and Historical Association of Students to raise enough funds to save one North Korean refugee,” said Ferreria.

Don Woo, dean for ethnic diversity and multicultural programs and assistant professor of education, offered the closing prayer.