You have a passion
for design

Digital Design (B.A.)

Let's get you ready with a B.A. in digital design

At Trinity, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in digital design. Studies in digital design combine art, art history, computer science, communication arts and business courses.

Your degree in digital design can lead to jobs in start-ups as well as national firms. Or you may decide to pursue work at an ad agency or design firm.

Trinity’s beautiful Palos Heights, Ill., campus is 25 miles from downtown Chicago. That means that the Windy City’s internationally recognized art and design scenes are an extension of our classrooms. Explore Chicago’s exciting galleries, museums, and studios under the guidance of professors whose work is in those galleries and collections. First-hand encounters with artists and designers in Chicago will prepare you for your role as an artist, designer, or art educator in the always evolving contemporary art world.

As an art student at Trinity, internships provide practical preparation for your career. Specializations in the fine arts will help you focus on your talents. Built on the creative and intellectual foundation of the fine arts, the art department also offers concentrations in courses that can lead to graduate school in fine art or careers in the graphic arts. The program culminates with an internship and an exhibition in the College’s Seerveld Gallery.