Business Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will explain, apply and formulate responses to business situations related to the functional business areas of accounting, finance, management and marketing.
  2. Students will apply a Christian worldview to interpret the ethical, societal, and global ramifications of business activities.
  3. Students will be innovative problem solvers, able to critically analyze business challenges and develop effective solutions
  4. Students will be effective and persuasive communicators.
  5. Students will be effective team members
  6. Learning outcomes related to the 6 major areas:
    1. Accounting:  Accounting majors will be academically eligible to sit for the CPA exam upon graduation and will possess the content expertise to pass the four exam sections within a reasonable length of time following graduation.
    2. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship majors will be able to satisfactorily complete and present a business plan comprised of problem identification and solving, customer discovery, solution development and testing and development of a business model/lean canvas.
    3. Finance:  Finance majors will be able to satisfactorily complete analytical and research projects in the areas of investment portfolio analysis, financial institutions and markets, and financial statement analysis.
    4. Marketing:  Marketing majors will be able to satisfactorily complete a full marketing plan comprised of Situation analysis, SWOT and Issue analysis, Goal and Objectives, Marketing Strategy, and Recommended Implementation strategies.
    5. Human Resource Management (HRM):  HRM majors will be able to satisfactorily carry out the primary functions of a Human Resource Manager and apply labor laws relating to human resource management.
    6. Management: Management majors will be able to help an organization with application of management principles, creative and critical thinking about organizational problems and solutions, and effect resourceful team development and change management techniques.


Throughout the year assessment data is gathered through student and alumni surveys, capstone projects, internship evaluations, the ETS major field test, Comp-XM, and results from the CPA Exam to determine how well the program is meeting its student learning outcomes.For assessment and retention data, view: Standard #4 – Measurement and Analysis of Student Learning and Performance and  Standard #7 – Business Unit Performance

CHEA Student Achievement- Graduates by ACBSP Accredited Programs:

Student Achievement

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