You have a passion for
cutting-edge technology

Earn your B.A. from Trinity

Are you excited when you learn a new way to use computers? Do you love being introduced to new computer technologies? Do you have interests in computing as well as other academic areas? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then Trinity’s distinctive Bachelor of Arts in computing program could be for you! You will earn a major in computing, with a minor in another area.

The computing major will provide you with a solid foundation in computer science along with understanding and abilities in networks, web and mobile technologies, databases, and other computer technologies. You will be well prepared to continue learning about such technologies as they evolve in the years ahead.

Computer technologies are transforming so many areas of human society that there is a rapidly growing need for those who are well rounded and possess a solid liberal arts education. With a minor in another area, you will understand how technology can be deployed across sectors and fields. Just as importantly, your minor will enrich your understanding of computers, and the Christian liberal arts education you receive at Trinity will empower you to make faithful and insightful decisions about these powerful technologies.