You have a passion
for justice

Criminal Justice Minor

Launch your future with a minor from Trinity

The global community needs those in the criminal justice system who are compassionate professionals that apply justice to those accused of breaking laws. And at Trinity, you will also learn about restoration for those who commit crimes, and even greater restitution for crime victims and society in general.

We honor the biblical and social bases of the law enforcement and justice systems. Our faculty also focus on how the criminal justice system is an integral part of other social institutions. We believe that our graduates should be well educated, resolute, just, and seasoned with Christian love.

And since Trinity is located just 25 miles from downtown Chicago, you will be able to apply your knowledge and gain experience in urban communities, courtrooms, and correctional facilities.

Graduates of the criminal justice program are equipped to seek their vocation in local and state police forces; federal law enforcement agencies; peacemaking, community-building, and justice innovation; conventional and alternative punishment systems; reintroducing prisoners into civilian society; and the criminal court system. Our alumni are Chicago Police Department officers, serve in the U.S. military, work in private security, and are employed by federal agencies.