You have a passion for
music and worship

Music & Worship

Make a difference with a B.A. from Trinity

If you want to make a difference in the world through music and worship, a degree from Trinity may be right for you. By earning a B.A. degree in music and worship, you will be prepared to continue the tradition of beautiful music in the service of our Creator, while moving it in new and exciting directions. You will receive training in music and theology, along with courses in communication arts, ministry, and philosophy. You will fulfill your studies of music and worship through advanced coursework in worship leadership, a senior capstone project, and an internship.

This interdisciplinary program offers a strong foundation in both music and theology while intentionally connecting those fields to each other and to the broader framework of a Christian liberal arts education. Once you complete the music and worship major, you will be equipped to serve with excellence from a Christian perspective in the ministry of local churches with a particular emphasis on worship planning and leadership.