Nursing Learning Outcomes

Students completing Trinity’s Nursing program will be able to

  1. Integrate knowledge from the humanities and the natural, social, and nursing sciences to provide holistic nursing care in a variety of settings.
  2. Integrate caring attributes in a variety of interpersonal relationships.
  3. Design self-care activities that promote, maintain, and restore health.
  4. Incorporate care management methods in the practice of nursing.
  5. Communicate professionally and therapeutically with clients and the health care team.
  6. Educate clients and health care providers using appropriate teaching-learning principles.
  7. Assume responsibility and accountability for professional practice.
  8. Integrate research findings into the practice of nursing.
  9. Practice nursing in an ethical, professional, and Christ-like manner.

Throughout the year assessment data is gathered through senior and alumni surveys, content and licensure exams, and course and clinical embedded assessments to determine how well the program is meeting its student learning outcomes. For additional information, please contact department chairperson Tina Decker at